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June 2021 
A group of neighbors from Ronda, worried about the news about the arrival of a photovoltaic mega-park project that is to be installed in the Acinipo area, met to exchange information and opinions. The residents, all directly or indirectly affected by the project  –or simply concerned about the foreseeable impact on the landscape and ecosystems–  decided to form an association to defend the landscape before the imminent harassment. 

September 2021 
It constitutes theSave the Serranía de Ronda Association, entity of general interest and non-profit.
It was born with the aim of assuming an increasingly active role in the civic life of Ronda and the Serranía, as well as being a respectful and respected interlocutor with public administrations and companies promoting actions that have an impact on the landscape and natural heritage of area. The purposes of the association are:


a) Defense of the environment  and conservation  of the existing landscape and ecosystems
b) Sustainable development of the area
c) Promotion of the circular economy
d) Energy decentralization and self-consumption
e) Citizen participation in civic life and in the conduct of public affairs* (* incorporated for associative purposes in February 2022).

The Association is registered in the Registry of Associations of Andalusia as well as in the Registry of Municipal Associations of Ronda. It currently has about 49 partners.

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